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"Estate Nursina" and "Corteo Storico" - historical parade

Around 23 March and 27 August

With the arrival of spring, Norcia celebrates its patron saint in an ancient ceremony offering of "ceri" and "palleii" to St Benedict, by the town's surrounding castles and from the city's six 'quarters', guaite. This festa includes folk music, dancing and shows in the main piazza and involves the inhabitants of Norcia and all the surrounding villages.

The historical parade usually includes over a hundred participants dressed in mediaeval costume and represents the ancient Norcia magistrature. This Corteo Storico features members from each "guaita" (town quarter) and "castello" (surrounding village), as laid down in the Norcia statutes printed in Perugia in 1526.

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During the afternoon, the guaite compete in a crossbow (ballestra) contest in the main piazza of Norcia. The celebrations end with a procession through the streets bearing the reliquary of St Benedict, who is also patron Saint of Europe.

Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Tartufo Nero
National Black Truffle Festival and Market.

Last weekend of February

In the last weekend of February every year there is the Mostra Mercato Nazionale del Tartufo Nero Pregiato di Norcia e dei Prodotti tipici della Valnerina. This event has grown to international status in recent years and is of top interest to lovers of prosciutto, salame, capocollo, ricotta, fresh and seasoned cheeses and, naturally, the famous Norcia black truffle, as well as a host of other local specialities. Representatives from China, Hungary, Poland and Russia as well as countries from the European Union also display their wares. The entire event takes place in the open air, in the Piazza San Benedetto.

Norcia truffle festival

Fiorita di Castelluccio

Usually in June

The Fiorita di Castelluccio, a small village in the Apennines at 1453 m. above sea level, just a few km. from Norcia, generally takes place in June but can vary from season to season. It is the spring flowering in the Piano Grande, beneath snow-capped peaks of Monte Vettore, when the monotone plain suddenly bursts into colour as the local flower species bloom. The fiorita attracts a large number of flower-lovers from all over the world. This is also where the renowned Castelluccio lentils are grown.

Fiorita di Castelluccio

Ri Fauni a Norcia

9 December

The celebration known as “ri fauni” takes place on 9 December. This is a Christianised pagan festival of bells that celebrates the moving of the Madonna from Nazareth to Loreto, in the night of 9 December, 1291.

Ri Fauni a Norcia

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